Master of Applied Science| Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering | Queen's University, Canada

Sept' 18 - Aug' 20 (Expected)

Thesis Title: Wearable based affective computing using deep learning.

Relevant Courses: Wearables and Internet of Things, Cluster Computing, Advanced Research in Human Computer Interaction, Biological Signal Analysis.

Advisor: Prof. Ali Etemad [website]

Bachelor of Technology | Dept. of Electrical Engineering | West Bengal University of Technology, India

Aug' 11 - Jul' 15
    • Ranked 1st in Electrical department in the 3rd Year.

Academic Projects

Robust Breast Cancer Detection using Regularized Class Weighted CNN- Wisconsin breast cancer dataset was used to classify malignant vs benign tumors using a convolutional neural network. Our method outperformed the state of the art.

Implementation of Ray Tracing in Roll a Ball game- Ray tracer with perfect reflection, hard shadows and anti-aliasing effect was implemented on a "Roll-a-ball" game to show how ray tracer works in a dynamic setting.

EMG based Subject Identification and Activity Recognition using Deep CNN- EMG dataset used in this project was collected from 5 different participants during a load lifting activity. We proposed an end-to-end solution of identifying the subjects and their activity, and finally predicting the lifted load using a deep convolutional neural network.

Security Issues For Cluster/Clouds- A Review paper on security issues and threats associated with cluster and cloud computing, also discusses several most advanced measures taken as a solution.